Her Neck Was Green And No Envy was Involved

Standing in line at the local movie theater I couldn't help but overhear a conversation between two women in line. Apparently one of the women purchased a necklace and after three days of wearing it, she noticed a green ring around her neck.
The woman seemed to be mortified and offended that her money in her words would “go to crap” in a matter of days. What she didn’t know was that she purchased jewelry made out of base metals such as copper and nickel that were coated in Rhodium to give a Sterling Silver look.
Rhodium is a very expensive silver colored metal used as a coating to enhance, add luster and give an additional protective coating to higher quality metals such as Sterling Silver, Platinum and Stainless Steel. However, it is commonly used on base metal jewelry to give a Sterling Silver like finish.
 Unfortunately, base metal jewelry is known for having reactions with the body. Body oils and lotions can cause the jewelry to corrode, the process creates copper salts. These blue-green compounds leave that green stain on the skin mortifying the best of us
While the experience couldn’t be undone, I did feel it was my duty to explain why her necklace in her words “went to crap”. I did also introduce her to DBEJewels where we only offer premium metals such as Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Gold, and Rose Gold there is no need to worry about the green ring or necklace with DBEJewels. Remember not all jewelry is made the same 
Another Win for DBEJewels.

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