Welcome to Desired Beauty Essential (DBE)! DBE was established just a few miles from my birthplace of Detroit, Michigan better known as the legendary “MotorCity”.

DBE was created to provide affordable jewelry options for memorable moments that happen every day. I can remember having special occasions occur and desiring to celebrate them with a piece of fine jewelry, but frankly, I just couldn't afford the quality I desired. What a terrible feeling, to not be able to celebrate a special moment with a quality item I could be proud of. 

We have searched the market to find affordable jewelry options that are crafted to be durable, reliable and beautiful.  Our products are crafted of metals such as Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, Brass and other precious metals accompanied by affordable stone option such as AAA Cubic Zirconia, to result in a beautiful product you can be proud to gift to someone special during a memorable moment.

We would love to hear about a memorable moment DBE helped you create, please feel free to contact us at 1-586-207-7888 or on our social platforms of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter we would love to share your moment with the world.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.