Headquartered in Michigan, DBEJewels specializes in the manufacturing and design of diamond bridal and luxury fashion jewelry across all price points. We have deep sourcing capabilities and our focus is on innovation—new materials, merchandising platforms, excellent product development, and brand-creation capabilities backed by extensive consumer research.

Since its inception, DBEJewels have been committed to three principles—quality, reliability, and innovation. We blend the generations of diamond and jewelry expertise with leading-edge technology and sophisticated marketing and merchandising techniques to create products that appeal to today’s consumer.

Our expertise lies in Diamond Bridal Jewelry, set in Gold, Silver. However, we offer luxury fashion lines utilizing gemstones as well. We manufacture jewelry at all price points and all diamond qualities, as per customer requirements.

While our commitment to quality and reliability is critical and the foundation of our relationship with our customers, it is our dedication to innovation that truly sets us apart from other suppliers. We invest in consumer and product research to create new concepts and jewels to help our retail customers differentiate themselves in the marketplace. These market insights and our merchandising expertise enable us to proactively forecast future jewels designs relevant to specific demographic groups as well as the mass market.

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