The purpose of DBE Guard is to protect the beauty of your jewels and to give our product extra longevity. DBE Guard is an added coating of protection comprised of Rhodium and other secret ingredients that create a hypoallergenic safety shield around your jewels. We add DBE Guard to all of our soft metal jewelry pieces such as Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, and plated items. DBE Guard adds protection to combat those pesky scuffs and scratches that can occur during normal wear and tear so your jewels look shiny and new.

Our goal is to deliver jewels you can enjoy for years to come so DBE Guard is added to our soft metal jewels at no additional cost. You don’t even need to ask we have you covered. Sadly DBE Guard is not a permanent coating daily wear and tear, mishandling, improper cleaning and damage can shorten the general life span of DBE Guard which is 6-12 months. If you would like some helpful tips on how to care for your jewels or you would like your personal copy of our jewelry cleaning eBook click the link below. 

Jewelry Care Tips

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