The goal of Desired Beauty Essentials is too provide the highest level of quality at the lowest price to our customers. Our goal is to craft beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime, however proper care is required to maintain the lasting qualities of your jewelry. To help assist you in maintaining your beautiful possession this Jewelry Care Guide was created. We wish to guide you in the proper care of your jewelry. We hope that you find this guide helpful and feel free to contact us with any other questions.


  A jewelry box, drawer or air tight container is your jewelry’s friend.


  Your jewels deserve their own little special place they can safely rest until you are ready to wear them again. A fabric-lined jewelry case is preferred but if you only have a regular box wrap your jewels separately in tissue paper. Jewels love a cool dry place.


 Don't wear your jewelry to bed.


  I know you want to shine in your sleep but some of you sleep like Tasmanian devils. Sleeping with your jewels is the easiest way to get your jewelry settings snagged which often results in the loosening of your stones from the setting or can potentially cause you to lose a stone 


 Don't wear your jewels while bathing or swimming.


  Bathing in your jewels seems harmless however that same film that causes us to clean our tubs and showers is the same film that can coat your jewelry and leave a dull appearance causing your jewels to loose its shine and luster.  


 Don't wear your jewelry while doing your household cleaning. 


  Precious metals can sometimes adversely react to the chemicals used in household cleaners. This reaction can cause your jewelry to tarnish or stain.


 All jewels must be cleaned regularly.


  Even jewelry that is worn infrequently deserves a good cleaning monthly. Lotions, body oils along with other debris found in the air can cause our jewels to lose its sparkle and become dull. Cleaning your jewels regularly keeps your jewelry looking like new. If you need assistance with cleaning your jewels check our FREE jewelry cleaning ebook guide here:     


 Put your jewels on last.


  Lotions, body oils and perfumes are normal items used daily before we walk out the door. However these items are not always complementing to jewelry especially costume jewelry. For this reason we suggest that you limit the jewelry contact to these items and apply your jewelry last.