Shhhhhh These Are Fake Diamonds

Standing in line at my favorite ice cream parlor a couple months ago. I noticed the hand of a woman in front of me as she was pointing towards the almost sold out pecan and praline ice cream to make her order. The exact same ice cream I wanted and nevermind the fact that I still remember the ice cream type it's coincidental, yeah right who am I fooling it's my favorite but back to the story. On the woman's hand, I noticed a ring so gorgeous I almost forgot about the fact she was going to take the last bit of the ice cream I came to get. The setting of this ring was beautifully detailed, I mean even the bands were inlaid with diamonds, the clarity was breathtaking. It was no way possible I would be able to not give the woman admiration on the cocktail ring she was wearing, it was just that beautiful.

The woman was very receptive to my compliments Initially.  However just a few minutes following the compliments I noticed her demeanor shifted as if she felt some sort of conviction. She grabs her change after completing her purchase and leans towards my ear and whispers, “Shhh girl these are fake Diamonds”. I was honestly upset she felt the need to provide me with the details of her ring. After all, it wasn't my business!  I didn't deserve the right to know if she had a pure mined diamond or an artificial diamond nor did it change the beauty of the ring. The woman’s comment did make me feel as if people unknowingly connect real diamonds to an unseen automatic upper crest of nobleness or that people feel that onlookers have a fake diamond detector built in our eye or something. We should feel proud to wear anything we purchase without a sense of conviction. I felt the woman may have felt some sort of guilt over the fact I may have perceived the diamonds as real. I don't know for certain because I didn't ask but by her actions, I can tell she definitely felt some sort of conviction. Unknowingly to her, even artificial diamonds hold a great amount of value worthy of keeping the details to herself.

A recent article in the “New York Times” (2018) announced that even the biggest diamond company in the world “The De Beers”, the diamond behemoth that owns 30% of all real diamonds worldwide had decided to start their own artificial diamond options. Now, why would the biggest diamond company in the world want to make a fake diamond? I’ll tell you why, because there is a true need for a much cheaper counterpart that resembles a real diamond at less cost. Clearly, The De Beers were trying to reach a segment of people that previously couldn't afford real diamonds, but they were willing to purchase a reasonably priced product designed to mimic the characteristics and quality of a real diamond so close, that a naked eye comparison could mistake the two very easily.

So if the biggest diamond company in the world took the time and millions of dollars to craft something so close to the real thing there is definitely a considerable amount of importance and value connected to artificial diamonds. So ladies and gentlemen proudly wear your crafted counterparts as if they are real because they are in their own right and they definitely have value. No one needs to know how you are shining, they just need to see that you are shining and appreciate the view. So the next time you receive a compliment on a jewelry piece you're wearing just take the admiration and the last little bit of my favorite ice cream and go home. They are both equally important and valuable!


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